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This community is dedicated to the reviewing of the icon journals and communities of livejournal. To be reviewed, all you have to do, is leave a comment with a link to your icon journal/community to this entry.

Here are your friendly neighborhood reviewers:

[01] _fleur (aka fleurcons)
[02] tilty (aka suchdainties)
[03] ressie_noldo (aka noldo_icons)
[04] summerstorm (aka _sinelinea)
[05] rozillla (aka rozookie)
[06] saeva (aka nihil_est)


We're not out to slam anyone, so to maintain an amount of fairness amongst everyone, all reviews will be written using the following criteria:

[01] First Impression
[02] Prominent Subjects
[03] Style
[04] Text
[05] Miscellaneous
[06] Overall Impression
[07] Constructive Criticism (if any at all)
[08] (three) Personal Favourites*

Please be patient. Due to the overwhelming amount of people that have submitted their icon journals/communites up for review, it make take some time to review your icons. Once again, with the being fair - reviews will be written on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Once your journal/community has been reviewed, it will be added to the memories (alphabetically) for archival purposes. If for some reason you have a complaint, other opinions, cannot handle constructive criticism, or are just not overly-satisfied with your review please do not start any drama. If you're willing to put your icon making skills up for review, then I would like to think that you can handle whatever is written.

*Don't worry, none of your icons will be hotlinked. We save our favourites, and then upload them to our own servers.

If you have an icon-related community and would like to become affilates, please leave a comment to this entry.

bjorkchallenge - deppicons - fellowship_hush - gyllenstills - myownfun - orli_stillness - phoenix_stills - viggo_stills

Feel free to use: