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When reviewing, please follow these instructions :)

1. go to this post, and pick the first comment. do not go through and chose. when you have saved the journal name, delete the comment. DO THIS BEFORE YOU START TO REVIEW.

NOTE: At the moment the review post for moderators is different to the new submit post for members. When all comments to this post have been deleted, moderators will start on this new post [to save any confusion!]

2. Copy and paste the coding below into a new update.

remember to put the "SUBJECT LINE=..." bit INTO the subject line :P

3. Fill it out! REMEMBER: save the three personal favourite icons on your own server. Hotlinking is NEVER EVER a good thing.

4. Post your review to theimc.

5. Leave it to me to sort your review into the community memories.

- You no longer need a personalised icon for theimc. If you wish to that's fine, but you don't HAVE to.
- Please try to review once or twice a week.
- Do not do more than four reviews a week.
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