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(once you've been reviewed, your comment will be deleted from this entry)

->To the reviewers/co-mods:
Please, make sure that you review the first journal/community on this page;
no sifting through comments and picking someone you want to review! And
don't forget to delete the comment before you start you reviews................

Thanks, _fleur

NOTE: If you have submitted yourself to this post, there is no need to comment here. We will get through all the previous comments before starting on this post.
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zocat_icons, for your reviewing pleasure. It's fairly new. Cheers!
My icon journal is cannons_fan. Thanks!
Icon Journal is lamevolume! :D
I looked for an area with FAQ's but didnt see one. I havent been able to update my icon journal that often but i do make icons at my community quite a bit. I was wondering if i could post my examples page to be reviewed instead? It has my most recent work. And you're welcome to browse the icon journal too. If this isnt okay, im sorry i figured this was the best place to ask!


My icon journal is alteredfocus
ivymoss at pepper_up.

Thank you!
would you like to affiliate with basictraining? It's a new icontest with a different approach to things.
Because I haven't sorted out all of my icons yet, (I plan on making a special journal eventually) I would love it if the icons located here could be reviewed. If that's possible. :)
so um, hi! you guys critiqued me a million years ago (okay, so maybe like 2.5, but in internet time, that's a long time!), and it'd be awesome if you could take a look again. ^^

icon journal: dropsofsunshine

thank you so much!

Deleted comment

Hope this comm isn't going dead. I'd love a review. I've got 2 journals, actually:

upshot is Jensen Ackles graphics. And I do more than just icons.

dynamicons is any other icons I make. (Shared with vomitingkermit9.)

Thanks so much.

Just started out :]
anticyclone? :D I'm really nervous(-excited) to know what others think.